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As these colours may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug proceed as follows:The wire which is coloured blue must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured wire which is coloured brown must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or coloured IN DOUBT - CONSULT A COMPETENT ELECTRICIAN.  3 DISC TRIPLE TRAYPLAY & EXCHANGE SYSTEM  We’Ve enjoyed making this manual for you and hope you will use it to enjoy the sound and many features built into your ANT lation of the Unit•Select a place which is level dry and neither too hot nor too cold (Between 5°C and 35°C or 41°F and 95°F.) Ción : No abra la tapa superior En el interior de la unidad no existen piezas reparables por el usuario; deje todo servicio técnico en manos de personal calificado. O LASER CLASSE 1 Fmaux /AM  G-3 15 cm Ca-D501T/ Play & EXCHANGE SYSTEM -D401T  •leave sufficient distance between the Unit and a TV.•Do not use the Unit in a place subject to vibrations. cord•Do not handle the power cord with. •there are no user serviceable parts inside If anything goes wrong unplug the power cord and consult your dealer.•Do not insert any metallic object into. Consists of CA-D301TandSP-D311Consta delCA-D301TelSP-D311Consta doCA-D301TeSP-D311 CA-D501T Tape For Customer Use:Enter below the Model No and Serial No which are located either on the rear bottom or side of the cabinet Retain this information for future reference Model No FMUN9002-181M [ U UT. Active Caca-D3S O To get such great sound from such a compact package the System has:• Programmed sound mode includes live surround effects D CLUB HALL andSTADIUM It also includes S.E.A (Sound Effect Amplifier) effectsROCK CLASSIC changer function can operate. Continue Disc Downupp DOWN. Getting Started 3Accessories 3Set the VOLTAGE SELECTOR Switch 3  Ca-D301T Ca-D3S  Auto REVERSEREC/PLAYB EJECTEJECTFULL-LOGICCONTROL 

-D301T SOUND •name of buttons and controls are written in all capital letters like this: SOUND MODE.•When we are talking about the Function rather than the BUTTON or DISPLAY only the first letter manual has a table of contents to help you quickly look up what you want.  Bass EX MULTI CONTROL VOLUME 17Tray Lock Function 17Locking the Electronic Lock 17Unlocking the Electronic Lock Warnings Cautions and Others Avisos precauciones y otras notas Advertências precauções e outras notas IMPORTANT for the U.K. Desconectar el cable de alimentación para desactivar la alimentación totalmente Cualquier que sea la posición de ajuste del interruptor POWER la alimentación no es cortada completamente La alimentación puede ser controlada o ––Interruptor POWER! If nontheless the mains plug is cut off ensure to remove the fuse and dispose of the plug immediately to avoid a possible shock hazard by inadvertent connection to the mains this product is not supplied fitted with a mains plug then follow the instructions given below:IMPORTANT. 1 cm Reproduction OF LABELS / REPRODUCCIÓN DE ETIQUETAS / REPRODUÇÃO DE ETIQUETAS /1CLASSIFICATION LABEL PLACED ON. Easy operationGreat soundTriple TraySing Along Thank you for purchasing the Compact Component hope it will be a valued addition to your home giving you years of enjoyment. Exponha este aparelho à chuva nem à umidade Caution ––POWER switch!Disconnect the mains plug to shut the power off completely ThePOWER switch in any position does not disconnect the mains line The power can be remote controlled.¡Atención ––Interruptor POWER! Auto TAPE SELECTOR . Extraiga los tornillos los cubiertas ni la caja. exponga este aparato a la lluvia o a la ÇÃOPara reduzir riscos de choques elétricos incêndio etc. remova parafusos e tampas ou desmonte. 10 cm Place on the level surface Maintain an adequate air path for ventilation by placing on a stand with a height of 10 cm or ción: el aparato debe estar bien ventilado Care And Maintenance 29Troubleshooting 30Specifications 31 Connecting the AM Antenna 4Connecting the Speakers (CA-D501T) 5Connecting the Speakers (-D401T/-D301T) Ca- Downupp DOWNP. Varo: Avattaessa ja suojalukitus ohitettaessa olet alttiina näkymättömälle lasersäteilylle Älä katso säteeseen (f) 1 LASER : Invisible laser radiation when open and interlock failed or defeated Avoid direct exposure. 3 DISC TRIPLE TRAYPLAY & EXCHANGE SYSTEM  Compu PLAY is ’s feature that lets you control the most frequently used functions of the System with a single touch. Fm Aux /AM  Random Disc Start/stopfm Aux Interna DA UNIDADE Playing the Microphone Sound through the Speaker 28Recording from the Microphone 28 Othe controls and operations have been redesigned to make them very easy to use so you can spend your time listening to music.•With the One Touch Operation feature of ’s COMPU PLAY you can turn on the System and start the radio the Cassette Deck or the CD Player with a single touch. 1 cm •discs can be changed during play using theTRIPLE TRAY.•Continuous random or program play of. Setting the Timer 24Setting the SLEEP Timer 25Using the Microphone 26 15 cm 1. How to Use the DUBBING Button 22Using the Timer 23Setting.  1 cm. 11Using the CD Player 12The Quickest Way To Start a CD Is With the One Touch Operation 13 Using the Cassette Deck (Recording) 20Things To Know Before You Start Recording 20Standard Recording 21 Cautionto reduce the risk of electrical shocks fire etc. not remove screws covers or cabinet. not expose this appliance to rain or CIÓNPara reducir riesgos de choques eléctricos incendio etc.: Bass EX MULTI CONTROLVOLUME

-D501T 11Three ways to select a station 11Presetting Stations 11To Change the FM Reception Mode Para evitar posibles riesgos de descargas eléctricas e incendios y prevenir cualquier posible daño coloque el aparato del modosiguiente: 1Parte delantera: English Connecting Auxiliary EquipmentVCR or other equipmentTo listen to this source press the AUX button.  3Turn the loop until you have the best reception Compact COMPONENT SYSTEMSISTEMA DE COMPONENTES COMPACTOSISTEMA DE COMPONENTE COMPACTOCA-D501T/-D401T/-D301T Consists of CA-D401TandSP-D401Consta delCA-D401TelSP-D401Consta doCA-D401TeSP-D401 15 cm. N: Do not open the top cover There are no user serviceable parts inside the Unit; leave all servicing to qualified service personnel. TO LÁSER CLASE O: En el interior hay radiación láser invisible Evite el contacto directo con. Programming the Playing Order of the Tracks 15Random Play 16 Repeating a Selection or. Ca-D401T/ Partes laterais/Tampa/Posterior: Nenhuma obstrução deverá ser colocada entre as áreas cujas dimensões são indicadas inferior: •basic information that is the same for many different functions is grouped in one place and not repeated in each procedure For instance in the section on playing a CD we do not repeat the information about setting the volume and the sound conditions which are discussed in the Common Operations section. 7Turning the Power On and Off 7Turning the System On 7Turning the System Off Deck control ™,£buttons 6 Sp-D401/sp-D311Rightsp-D401/sp-D311Leftspeakersrightleftimportant: Use speakers with the correct impedance only The correct impedance is indicated on the. 15 cm English Table of Contents  Am EXT AM. Modepower English 3 15 cm 10. Connect the red (+) and black (–)terminals of the left side speaker to the red (+) and black(–)terminals marked LEFT on theCA- RSRIGHTLEFT Varning: Osynlig laserstrålning när denna del är öppnad och spärren är urkopplad Betrakta ej strålen (s) ADVARSEL: Usynlig laserstråling ved åbning når sikkerhedsafbrydere er ude af funktion Undgå udsættelse for stråling (d) 1Etiqueta DE CLASSIFICAÇÃO LOCALIZADA NA PARTE2ETIQUETA DE ADVERTÊNCIA LOCALIZADA NA PARTE POSTERIOR DA CAIXA DO APARELHO How One Touch Operation works in each case is explained in the section dealing with that function The COMPU PLAY buttons are:On the UnitCD ‹/8buttonCD Player DISC-1toDISC-3buttons CD Player Open/Close (0) buttons FM/AM button  Sound MODEPOWER   Active Sensor Modepower Be sure to read this instruction manual carefully before operating your new stereo system Here you will find all the information you need to set up and use the questions that are not be answered in the manual please contact your esHere are some of the things that make your System powerful and easy. Precaução: Ventilação adequadaPara evitar riscos de choques elétricos e incêndios e prevenir avarias instale o aparelho como segue:1Parte frontal:Sem obstruções e espaços abertos.2 Tapea PLAY AUTO REVERSEAUTO REVERSE  Ca-D301T 15 cm 2 Getting StartedAccessoriesCheck that you have all of the following items which are supplied with the Loop Antenna (1)Remote Control (1) To Record Your Singing 27Microphone Mixing 28To Record Microphone Mixing 28 Triple TRAY  Caution: If a TV is installed near speakers the TV may display irregular colours In this case set the speakers away from. Active. English 1 : O laser emite uma rediação invisível que é perigosa caso o aparelho esteja aberto e a trava inoperante ou danificada Evite exposição direta ao feixe dos raios. O: Não abra a caixa do aparelho Não existem peças reparáveis pelo usuário na parte interna da unidade Solicite assistência técnica somente a pessoal técnico qualificado. Regular Play 18Fast Left and Fast Right 19Music. Auto TAPE SELECTOR -D401T  Rec/play B EJECTEJECTFULL-LOGICCONTROL Desconecte o cabo de alimentação para interromper a alimentação completamente Qualquer que seja a posição de ajuste do interruptor POWER a alimentação não é completamente cortada A alimentação pode ser controlada remotamente G-1 -D401T/ 3Parte inferior:Coloque el aparato sobre una superficie recta Debe haber buena circulación de aire; para ello coloque el aparato sobre una base a una altura mínima de. Fmaux /AM  Tape A PLAY AUTO REVERSE 8Listening to Auxiliary Equipment 9Using the Tuner 10Setting the AM Tuner Interval Spacing Each of the terminals and insert the speaker wires firmly (be sure to remove the insulation at the end of each wire first) then close the terminals. t the red (+) and black (–)terminals of the right side speaker to the red (+) and black(–)terminals marked RIGHT on theCA-D501T. •don’T use an old battery with a new one.•Don’t use different types of batteries the Remote ControlThe Remote Control makes it easy to use many of the functions of the System from a distance of up to 7m (23 feet) away. Am antenna wire (Not supplied)If reception is poor connect the outside : Even when connecting an outside AM antenna keep the indoor AM loop connected AM Loop Antenna  A PLAY AUTO REVERSE AUTO REVERSEREC/PLAYB  For each speaker connect one end of the speaker wire to the speaker terminals on the back of the System. each of the terminals and insert the speaker wires firmly then close the terminals. Caca-D501T/- (75Ω ). To Select a Disc Track Or Passage Within a Track 14Locating a Track With the Remote Control  Multi CONTROLVOLUME TUNINGTUNING 7Adjusting the Volume 8Reinforcing the Bass Sound 8Sound Modes Directly 14To Change Discs While Playing 14Continuous.  Auxrightleft Now you can plug the AC power cord into the wall outlet and your System is at your command!COMPU PLAY  3 DISC TRIPLE TRAYPLAY & EXCHANGE SYSTEM  To Find the Beginning of the Current Selection 19To Find the Beginning of the Next Selection 19Reverse. Instale-Osobre uma superfície plana Deverá ser mantido espaço suficiente para a ventilação se este for instalado numa posição que tenha uma altura de 10 cm. Downupp DOWNP. Important FOR LASER PRODUCTS / IMPORTANTE PARA PRODUCTOS LÁSER / IMPOTANTE PARA PRODUTOS LASER //  Moderemote sensorPOWER  Auto TAPE SELECTOR CA-D401T -D301T  2Warning LABEL PLACED INSIDE THE. Rec/play B EJECTEJECTFULL-LOGICCONTROL Interlock failed or DIRECT EXPOSURETO BEAM (e) Multi CONTROLVOLUME TUNINGTUNING Before attaching a 75 ohm coaxial lead (the kind with a round wire going to an outside antenna) disconnect the supplied FM Wire N: To avoid noise keep antennas away from metallic parts of the System connecting cord and the AC power ting the AM Antenna ANTENNA 15 cm  No obstructions and open / Top/ Back:No obstructions should be placed in the areas shown by the dimensions m: Dubbingreccd. Standby -D401T SOUND Etiqueta DE CLASIFICACIÓN PEGADA EN LA PARTE2ETIQUETA DE ADVERTENCIA PEGADA EN EL INTE- POSTERIOR DE LA CAJA RIOR DE LA UNIDAD Karaoke (Sing Along) 26Singing Along with Karaoke 26Digital. How To Put Batteries In the Remote Control 3Using the Remote Control 3Connecting the FM Antenna 4 •some power (12 watts) is always consumed as long as the power cord is connected to the wall outlet.•When unplugging the Unit from the wall outlet always pull the plug not the power cord. ctions etc. Features 1How This Manual Is Organized 1IMPORTANT CAUTIONS 1 3 DISC  Caution: Make all connections before plugging the Unit into an AC power ting the Speakers (CA-D501T)Please refer to instructions for speakers as well when you connect each speaker connect one end of the speaker wire to the speaker terminals on the back of theCA-D501Tand the other end to the speaker. To Record Any Sound Source To Tape 21CD Direct Recording 22Tape to Tape Recording (Dubbing) 22 To Insert Discs 13Basics of Using the CD Player — Normal Play 14To Play. 10One Touch Radio 10Tuning In a Station 11Switching between Frequency Bands Batteries (2)FM Wire Antenna (1)AC Plug Adaptor (except for Hong Kong) (1)If any of these items is missing contact your dealer the VOLTAGE SELECTOR SwitchTo avoid damaging the System set the voltage before plugging in. Oset the correct voltage for your area with the VOLTAGE SELECTOR switch on the back panel of the System Use a screwdriver to rotate the selector so the number the arrow is pointed at is the same as the To Put Batteries In the RemoteControlMatch the polarity (+ and –)on the batteries with the + and – markings in the battery compartment. Do NOT make any connection to the terminal which is marked with the letter E or by the safety earth symbol or coloured green orgreen-and- wires in the mains lead on this product are coloured in accordance with the following code:Blue : NeutralBrown : Live Using the Supplied Wire AntennaFM Wire AntennaExtend the supplied FM Wire Antenna an FM 75-OhmAntenna Wire (Not Supplied)If reception is poor connect the outside A Phonesmic 1MIC 2MIC. Tuningtuning DOWNUPP DOWN 17Using the Cassette Deck (Listening to a Tape) 18One. . Active. T the red (+) and black (–)terminals of the right side speaker to the red (+) and black(–)terminals marked RIGHT on the t the red (+) and black (–)terminals of the left side speaker to the red (+) and black(–)terminals marked LEFT on the System. Gnd (75Ω ) FM •digital Echo applied to your voice through the microphone gives you a professional This Manual Is OrganizedIn this manual we have incorporated some special features: P.

No ponga nada delante deje el espacio ales/ parte superior/ parte trasera: No se debería colocar nada en las áreas y las distancias que se detallan a continuación. One Touch Operation starts playing a CD turns on the radio plays a tape etc with a single press of the play button for that function What One Touch Operation does for you is to turn the power on then start the function you have specified If the Unit is not ready such as no CD or tape in place the Unit still powers on so you can insert a CD. You need to point the Remote Control at the remote sensor on the System’s. Eject Eject Full-Logiccontrol   Sound G-2 Caution: Proper VentilationTo avoid risk of electric shock and fire and to prevent damage locate the apparatus as follows:1Front: ¤Tape‹Button AUX buttonOn the Remote ControlFM/AM buttonAUX buttonCD control £/8buttonCD control DISC 1 to DISC 3 buttonsCD control Open/Close (0) buttons Repeat Disc R6P (SUM-3)/AA(15F)CAUTION: Handle batteries avoid battery leakage or explosion:•Remove batteries when the Remote Control will not be used for a long time.•When you need to replace the batteries replace both batteries at the same time with. Deck A/BREVERSE MODE/AM Important: Use speakers with the correct impedance only The correct impedance is indicated on the back N: If a TV is installed near speakers the TV may display irregular colours In this case set the speakers away from the ting the Speakers (-D401T/-D301T)Please refer to instructions for speakers as well when you connect speakers.  Auto TAPE SELECTORCA-D301T SP-D401INSTRUCTIONSMANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES INSTRUÇÕES SP-D311COMPACTDIGITAL AUDIO Snap the tabs on the loop into the slots of the base to attach the. English CAUTION: Make all connections before plugging the Unit into an AC power ting the FM Antenna Includes a timer for recording broadcasts while you are out and an easy-to-useSleep timer You can use conventional tapes and CDs forKaraoke with the voice masking system With anoptional microphone you can replace the lead singer’s voice on your favorite songs with. Tuningtuning Outside FM antenna wireAM. Do NOT cut off the mains plug from this equipment If the plug fitted is not suitable for the power points in your home or the cable is too short to reach a power point then obtain an appropriate safety approved extension lead or consult your SURE to replace the fuse only with an identical approved type as originally fitted. Class 1LASER PRODUCT DANGER:Invisiblelaserradiationwhen openand Right speakerLeft speaker English Tapea PLAY AUTO REVERSEAUTO REVERSE 5Connecting Auxiliary Equipment 6COMPU PLAY 6Common Operations